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Best Adult Bed Wetting Alarms

Yes, adults wet the bed too! Adult bed wetting in men and women is actually very common and a major embarrassment for adult bed wetters. It not only makes adults sad and unhappy, but it can also impact life in a negative way. Many adults resort to diapers and some other means to combat bed wetting. But did you know that there is such a thing as an adult bed wetting alarm which can actually monitor and stop bed wetting in adults?

There are many online stores that carry adult solutions. A few specialized online marketplaces also carry adult bed wetting alarms for men and women. These alarms detect urine and alert adults as soon as bed wetting happens. That way, you can train yourself to stop bed wetting over time.

Sometimes, it is not possible to completely stop adult bed wetting, in that case, an alarm can help detect urine so you don’t have to sleep in a wet bed.

Below is a list we compiled for the best bed wetting alarm for 2024. The list has every adult bed wetting alarm we thought would help all those adults who combat nighttime bed wetting.

Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Pro bedwetting Alarm is a rather unique and very different system. For one, its not the standard wearable bedwetting alarm. This is a bedside bedwetting alarm. Rather than have a sensor outside the underwear you sleep on a mat. There is ...

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2 Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm is one of the most recent products to be introduced in the market. It is a new bedside bedwetting alarm from the Smart Bedwetting Alarm family. The original Smart wearable alarm used the novel Strong Hold Sensor. This ...

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1. Bed wetting Men and Women

Adult bed wetting is very common. Statistics show that adult bed wetting is more prevalent than bed wetting boys and girls and even more than teenage bed wetting. There are different reasons for adult bed wetting. In many cases, it is the inability of the bladder to properly communicate with the brain that it is full. This causes the individual to wet the bed at night and wake up the next morning in a soaked mattress. Unlike children, adult bed wetters rarely discuss the problem outside of the home and often resort to adult diapers as a temporary fix.

Adult diapers don’t fix the bed wetting problem. They only absorb urine and actually may make the problem worse. What is needed is a means to alert the adult as soon as bed wetting occurs so they can wake up and go use the bathroom. This way, they can wake up every time they wet and may even wake up sometimes before they wet the bed. For that reason, we recommend an adult bed wetting alarm.

2. Alarm Features

There are two distinct type of bed wetting alarms in the market; wearable bed wetting alarms and bedside bed wetting alarm. Many online stores carry these alarms and are competitively priced. However many such online marketplaces cater to bed wetting alarms for children and very few cater to adult bed wetting alarms.

Wearable bed wetting alarms are recommended for children and teens. However for adults, we always recommend a bedside bed wetting alarm. In the case of a bedside adult bed wetting alarm, the adult sleeps on a urine detection mat and places the alarm unit on the bedside. The urine detection mat is sophisticated and there are generally two types – cloth mat and plastic sheet.

The plastic sheet has an advantage that it is easy to use, clean and maintain. Once a bed wetting accident happens, simply clean the mat and it is ready for reuse. Examples of an adult bed wetting alarm that uses a plastic mat is the Chummie Pro and the Smart Bedside Alarm.

The cloth mat based system has the added advantage of comfort. Since the mat is made of cloth (usually cotton), it is extremely comfortable at night. However, once the mat gets wet, you need to wash it before reuse. This means that is you have two or more wetting accidents at night, it’s a good idea to have a spare mat to detect urine.

3. Selection Criteria

There are limited choices when it comes to buying an adult bed wetting alarm. However the three most popular ones were shortlisted and these qualify as the best adult bed wetting alarm for 2024. These include Guardian, Smart Bedside and the Chummie Pro alarm. We looked carefully at each alarm, its design, features and sound intensity. The plastic and clot mat based bedside systems were the only ones considered in choosing the best adult bed wetting alarm.

4. How to Stop Bed wetting

All bed wetting alarms work on a similar principle whether they are used by children, teens or adults. In case of an adult bed wetting alarm, all you need to do is securely place the urine detection mat on the bed and the alarm unit on a nearby table. Then insert the mat cable into the alarm unit and its ready!

The alarms we reviewed will not give false alarms from sweat and will detect urine fast. Many alarms boast One Drop Detection. They have small microprocessors built in them which can sense urine fast and wake up the user. Since adults are not as deep sleepers as children, a single tone alarm without volume control will work just as well.

5. Additional Information

An adult bed wetting alarm can save a ton of money compared to bed wetting diapers. Adult bed wetting diapers are sold in many stores, locally and online. A good adult bed wetting alarm should be purchased from an reputable site that deals on adult bed wetting supplies.

In addition to a bed wetting alarm, one may consider buying a waterproof mattress pad and urine stain removers. Both are great to remove stains from the mattress. A washable mattress pad comes in many sizes so choose one that’s right for your bed. We have a list of stores that carry stain removers and waterproof mattress protectors..