Teenage Bedwetting - Best Bedwetting Alarm

Best Teenage Bedwetting Alarms

Teenage bedwetting is more common that most people think. Many teens wet the bed and often look for solutions to help them stop bedwetting. While there is no quick fix to the problem, there are products in the market that can help. A quick search will show several online stores carrying alarms. These teenage bedwetting alarms use the same principle of behavior modification which is used in bedwetting alarms to stop bedwetting, but are designed for teens.

Our team has done an in-depth analysis on teenage bedwetting alarms and we have found what we believe is the best bedwetting alarm to stop teenage bedwetting. The alarms below are what we recommend for teen boys and girls.

The list is taken from a larger alarm selection but we only selected the best bedwetting alarm for teenage bedwetting for 2024. These bedwetting solutions are recommended for teens ages 12 – 19. The important criteria for these alarms is comfort and features.

Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Smart Bedside Bedwetting Alarm is one of the most recent products to be introduced in the market. It is a new bedside bedwetting alarm from the Smart Bedwetting Alarm family. The original Smart wearable alarm used the novel Strong Hold Sensor. This ...

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2 Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Pro bedwetting Alarm is a rather unique and very different system. For one, its not the standard wearable bedwetting alarm. This is a bedside bedwetting alarm. Rather than have a sensor outside the underwear you sleep on a mat. There is ...

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3 Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm is the best bedwetting alarm in the market. It is proven to stop bedwetting in children, teens and adult bedwetters. With its unique, patented technology, it is clear that the Chummie Bedwetting Alarm is a winner. ...

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1. Bed Wetting Teen Boys and Girls

Although not as common as bedwetting in children, teenage bedwetting exists and is a cause of concern for parents and teenage boys and girls. At an age when many children have developed good bathroom habits, teenagers who wet the bed at night, often express frustration and depression over their problem. The important point is that there is help and one that often works.

Most bedwetting teens do not start wetting the bed at a latter stage in life. They have been bedwetting since they were children. Over time, many children stop bedwetting and a few continue into teen years. It is important to treat this problem sooner than later. If unchecked, bedwetting may carry on into adulthood and become a bigger hinderance into the individuals lifestyle. Bedwetting teens are usually deep sleepers and therefore, the alarms we recommend for them are ones that are loud enough to wake them up, but at the same time, designed for teens as opposed to for children.

2. Alarm Features

It’s no surprise that there are more bed wetting boys and girls than teens, so naturally, there are more alarms for children than bedwetting alarm for teenagers. So it’s important to choose the best bedwetting alarm for a teen boy or girl. Many teens don’t prefer wearable alarms and would prefer bedside alarms. Bedside alarms are the ones in which the urine detection part is a mat on which the teen sleeps and the alarm device is placed on the bedside. Examples of the bedside alarms are Chummie Pro, Smart Bedside and Boost bedwetting alarm. Wearable bedwetting alarms use a urine detection sensor placed outside the underwear and an alarm unit placed on the t-shirt. Wearable alarms are also many more in number and include popular best bedwetting alarms like Chummie Premium, Chummie Elite, Smart, Shield Prime, Shield Max, NewU, Zest and Ace.

Choose an alarm with bright lights, loud sounds and strong vibrations. A multi-tone alarm will help avoid auditory accommodation (your teen getting used to any one tone). For more comfort, select a bedside alarm for your bedwetting teen. These are likely to be the best bedwetting alarm that will work for them.

3. Selection Criteria

We tested several teenage bedwetting alarms before we could decide which one is the best bedwetting alarm for teens. We studied the alarm operation, performance, construction, read reviews and visited manufacturers website. Each alarm on our list has been tested by us prior to us including it in our top best bedwetting alarm for teenagers for 2024 list.

4. How to Stop Bedwetting

The principle of behavior conditioning is well known. It’s the same principle that applies to teenage bedwetting alarms. In the case of a bedside alarm, the a mat is placed on the bed and the teen sleeps on the mat. On detecting urine, the mat sends a signal to the alarm unit which in turn wakes up the teen using a combination or loud sounds, strong vibrations and bright lights. The teen will wake up to the alarm and finish urinating in the bathroom. Over time, with each wetting event, the teenager will wake up sooner and sooner and within a few weeks, will wake up before the alarm goes off and start to sleep dry at night. Teenage bedwetting alarms are very effective solutions to stop teenage bedwetting. When used properly, they can stop bedwetting permanently.

5. Additional Information

Many online resources and stores that carry alarms also carry waterproof mattress pads and urine stain removers. These washable mattress pads will protect your mattress from urine stains and unpleasant odor in the morning after a bedwetting accident. If you already have stains, you may consider using a stain remover. There are many varieties available from different manufacturers. They use powerful enzymes to tackle urine at the source. Many stores will carry stain removers and waterproof beddings.