Children Bedwetting - Best Bedwetting Alarm

Best Bedwetting Alarms for Children

Bed wetting boys and girls are usually very deep sleepers and need alarms that will wake them up almost immediately on detecting urine. Further in most cases, bedwetting in children is something the family has been dealing with for a while before proactive measures are taken.

We have spent time analyzing several bedwetting alarms for boys and girls and selected only the very best to stop bedwetting in children. Each of these alarms are manufactured by reputable manufacturers and known leaders in the bedwetting space.

We have compiled below a list of the best bedwetting alarm for children for 2024. Each of these alarms comes recommended by us to stop bedwetting in children ages 4-12. Each of these alarms offers unique features to stop bedwetting in children.

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm is the best bedwetting alarm in the market. It is proven to stop bedwetting in children, teens and adult bedwetters. With its unique, patented technology, it is clear that the Chummie Bedwetting Alarm is a winner. ...

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2 Smart Bedwetting Alarm

Smart Bedwetting Alarm

One of the best bedwetting alarms we have reviewed is the Smart Bedwetting Alarm. If you are looking for a alarm for bed wetting boys, girls or deep sleepers which is not as expensive as the Chummie family of alarms, then this is the right alarm. ...

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3 Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm

Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm

For budget conscious parents, the best bedwetting alarm has got to be the max alarm from the Shield Bedwetting Alarm family. Shield alarms are effective bedwetting solutions for children and deep sleepers. The popularity of this alarm has grown. ...

4 Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm is an awesome system and one of the best bedwetting alarm rated by us. Just like the more expensive Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm. Chummie Elite is also highly effective and proven to stop bedwetting in weeks. This ...

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5 Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm

Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm

If you are thinking of buying the best bedwetting alarm for a bedwetter boy or girl, but are not sure which one is right, then may we recommend the Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm. This alarm is an extremely affordable solution by Shield alarm. This ...

6 NewU Bedwetting Alarm

NewU Bedwetting Alarm

NewU Bedwetting Alarm is a budget friendly solution. It has been designed for children and deep sleepers. The alarm has a built in microprocessor which makes it safe and effective. Don’t be fooled just because this is a low priced bedweting alarm. ...

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7 Zest Bedwetting Alarm

Zest Bedwetting Alarm

Among all the best bedwetting alarms we've reviewed the Zest Bedwetting Alarm truly stands out. If you're interested in finding an alert mechanism for bed-wetting boys, girls or deep sleepers that's much less costly, this is your ...

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1. Bed wetting Boys and Girls

Bedwetting is caused by genetics and is usually runs in the family. Boys are about 2x more likely to wet the bed compared to girls. In the USA, there are about 7 Million cases of bedwetting in children. Yet, many of them go untreated due to lack of awareness.

A bedwetting alarm when used properly can stop bedwetting in children. Children are usually deep sleepers and need parental assistance throughout the treatment. Many children will not wake up to the alarm the first few weeks and parents will need to wake up children. For this reason, we recommend using a loud alarm, one which can be heard by parents in other rooms. Also, many parents go on frequent trips and vacation with bedwetter children. In times like these, a small and compact alarm can come handy. So before you can purchase an alarm, its important to first decide the age of the user and then accordingly invest your money.

2. Alarm Features

Generally speaking, there are two types of alarms – wearable alarms and bedside alarms. Wearable alarms are more popular to stop bedwetting in children. Bedside alarms are more popular for teens and adults. Wearable alarms are also many more in number and include popular best bedwetting alarms like Chummie Premium, Chummie Elite, Smart, Shield Prime, Shield Max, NewU, Zest and Ace. Bedside alarms include Chummie Pro, Smart Bedside and Boost bedwetting alarm. For bed wetting boys and girls, we recommend getting an alarm with sound, light and vibration so even the deepest sleeper will wake up. Faint alarms are generally ineffective and will only delay treatment in most cases. Get an alarm with loud sound, bright lights and strong vibration.

An alarm with different alert tones is generally preferred as it will play a different tone every night and your child will not get used to one single tone. If comfort is important, get an alarm compatible with the Comfy Armband.

3. Selection Criteria

Before we selected the best bedwetting alarm to stop bedwetting in children, we analyzed several alarms carefully. We looked at the construction, reviews, manufacturers website and tested every product ourselves. Every alarm was tested thoroughly before we decided to include it in our top 10 best bedwetting alarm for children for 2024 list.

4. How to Stop Bedwetting

All bedwetting alarms work on the principle of behavior modification also called behavior conditioning. There is generally a urine detection sensor or pad and an alarm unit. The sensor is taped or clipped outside the underwear while if there is a mat, it is placed on the bed. The alarm unit is either clipped on the t-shirt, placed on the arm using a comfy-armband or placed on the table (bedside alarm). On detecting urine, the sensor sends a signal to the alarm unit which in turn alerts the user using sound-vibration-light. Once awake, the child uses the bathroom. Over time, the child wakes up sooner and sooner and eventually wakes up before wetting the bed. These alarms are very successful to stop bedwetting in children.

5. Additional Information

When using an alarm for a bed wetting boy or girl, it’s a good idea to purchase a waterproof mattress pad. These are also called washable mattress pads or waterproof bedding. They protect the bed from urine stain and smell. Another option is to also have handy urine stain removers. A highly recommended product for use with a bedwetting alarm for children is the Comfy Armband. It is a pouch in which you secure your alarm unit at night and wear like your sports armband.