Modoking Bedwetting Alarm

Modoking Bedwetting Alarm
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  • Armband design
  • Low cost

Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Bedwetting Specialist

The ModoKing Bedwetting alarm is at the bottom of the table when it comes to bedwetting alarms. This
alarm is not as popular as other systems and not very commonly sold in online stores. Although the
manufacturer suggests the superior armband design, there is little in terms of performance or comfort
that this alarm has to offer. It is at the bottom of the best bedwetting alarm list and we don’t
recommend this bedwetting alarm over other available solutions.
The ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm is a generic bedwetting alarm and very similar to many others in the
market including the Nytone Bedwetting Alarm, Tequin Bedwetting Alarm and Dr. Madre Bedwetting
Alarm. This particular alarm has a rather faint alert sound and will likely not wake up bed wetting boys
and girls. If you have a deep sleeper, then this alarm is likely not going to work for them. The ModoKing
Bedwetting Alarm comes with a clip sensor but there are many online reviews which suggest that that
the sensor comes off at night and children sleep straight through the alarm and wake up in a puddle of
ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm is a single tone, discreet alarm with an adjustable sports band. The alarm
unit is attached to an adjustable strap which is in turn worn by the child on their arm.
We do not recommend this alarm for teens or adults to stop adult bed wetting.

ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm is a unique sports band type bedwetting alarm in which the alarm is placed in an adjustable Velcro strap. This alarm is at the bottom of our list of best bedwetting alarm among all the alarms we have reviewed. There are very few online stores that carry the ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm as it is not a popular choice.

Alarm Unit

Although compact and small, there isn’t much we can write about this alarm unit. In our initial test, the alarm depletes batteries within 2 weeks and needed to be replaced. The alarm uses rather expensive CR3025 batteries and changing these batteries can be difficult. One needs to open the back of the alarm unit with a screwdriver to change batteries. Be prepared to change batteries about every other week if using this alarm. The alarm does have a bright blue light which flashes when urine is detected. However the weak single tone alarm generally gets muffled under sheets and several reviews and customers have said that children didn’t wake up to the alarm. The alarm unit is placed in the sports band however the sports band Velcro has been a problem for many parents who have said that after several uses, the armband slides off at night.

Clip Sensor

The ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm uses a clip sensor to detect urine. It is a small sensor which was designed for comfort. However the small design also means smaller urine detection. This means that urine can go undetected specially for boys. The operation is similar to other clip sensors. The sensor cord is flimsy and there have been several reports of the sensor cable breaking. Another complain is that the sensor lever which is used to attach to the underwear breaks when opened and closed over some limited uses and that the metal inside the sensor corrodes within weeks. Unlike many other alarms, if the sensor breaks or corrodes, the complete alarm will need to be replaced.

Alarm App

The does not come with an App for support. This is a bare bones alarm which only comes with an alarm unit and user manual.


Depending on where you purchase the alarm, you will need to contact that store directly. The company behind the ModoKing Bedwetting Alarm does not provide direct customer support or service in our opinion and is based in China. So you will have to rely on the store for support where you purchased the alarm from.

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