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Of all the bedwetting solutions available to stop bed wetting in boys and girls, perhaps the best option is a bed wetting alarm. Bed wetting alarms are also called enuresis alarms and pee alarms. A bed wetting alarm is not just intended just for children, but also widely recommended for teenage bedwetting and for adult bed wetting. All bed wetting alarms work on the same principle. They comprise of a moisture sensor and an electronic unit which alerts the user at night when bedwetting occurs. Alerting the user at the time of bedwetting is important so that they can be alerted quickly and the brain gets trained to respond to bedwetting accidents. Over time, the bedwetter wakes up sooner and sooner till he/she beats the alarm and sleeps dry at night.

A bedwetting alarm is a medical device and in the USA, it is a Class II, FDA regulated medical device. However it is available without prescription and sold on many online stores. Be careful where you purchase your alarm as not alarms are built equal. The best bed wetting alarm will have a wide range of alerts to choose from like loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibrations. Many of the best bed wetting alarms also give the ability to change alert tones and alter the alert volume level.

When buying an alarm from a store, look for the type of sensor they offer. For bed wetting boys and girls, a clip sensor works well. Some advanced alarms have sophisticated silicone sensors. These are non-corrosive and have no exposed metal parts. The sensor can be cleaned and dried in seconds for immediate reuse. They also have no sharp edges and will not poke children at night. For teens and adult bed wetting, it is recommended to get a bedside bedwetting alarm. These have large sensors on which the bedwetter sleeps. Bedside alarms offer more comfort and convenience.

Which bed wetting alarm you need to purchase can be a difficult and choosing the best bed wetting alarm can be even more difficult. For this reason, we have built our alarm chooser tool. Answer a few quick questions and the system will automatically tell you which is the best bed wetting alarm for you.

Alarms are FSA eligible purchases. This means that you can use your pre-tax money to purchase one. Many stores sell alarms, but not all provide good after sales support. Buy an alarm from a reputable website, one that specializes in alarms. When you are selecting a bed wetting alarm, we provide a list of stores and associated prices. Compare bedwetting alarm and choose what’s the best for you.
When shopping for an alarm, don’t forget to check out the alarm features and type of sensor the system uses. Read bedwetting alarm reviews and testimonials to get a better idea of what others experience with the alarm.

Remember a bed wetting alarm is not a magic pill. It will take time to get results. With some time and planning, the results can be achieved sooner than you can imagine. Before use, create a plan and prepare your child (or yourself) what happens when bed wetting happens. Watch set up videos, read the user manual and practice setting up the alarm. And remember, positive reinforcement will go a long way. have patience and be optimistic. Bed wetting is not your fault and with a good alarm system, you will be able to stop bed wetting permanently.

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