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Bedwetting is not your child's fault and children want to stop bedwetting as it frustrates them too. Remember that your child is not alone. There are over 5 Million children in the USA who wet their bed at night. Left untreated, bedwetting may continue into adulthood. Treating bedwetting in children requires patience, persistence and support from parents. Parents need to understand what causes bedwetting, the different types of bedwetting and how one can stop bedwetting. There are treatment options available and each has their own unique benefits and associated costs. Parents can start by first visiting their child's doctor or pediatrician [...]
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Bedwetting is a common problem in 5 to 7 million American children and adolescents. Many times parents blame themselves for their child's bedwetting. However, bedwetting has many factors including genetics. A group of researchers at the department of genetics at the University of Copenhagen found that if both parents had bedwetting issues there is a 77% chance their child will also, but if none of the parents had bedwetting issues the risk decreases to 15%. The researchers concluded that children would stop bedwetting around the same age as their parents. Thus, bedwetting can be seen to be highly associated with [...]
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Bedtime routines can differ for many children. Some ask for books, some ask for kisses and hugs, and some ask to check for monsters under the bed. Each child has a different priority, but children should have a simple and consistent bedtime routine, particularly if your child wets the bed. A bedtime routine can be really powerful; it teaches your child's brain to know when a particular activity needs to be done before going to the bed. Creating a bedtime routine for bedwetters can be very helpful. For e.g. if you read to your child at bed time, have them [...]
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A urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection affects more than 3 million people in the United States. It is a common cause of secondary bedwetting. The organs that are affected by the UTIs are kidneys, urethra, and bladder. Urinary tract infections are more common in females because women have a shorter urethra. UTI's can cause bedwetting because it irritates the bladder, therefore, if your child or an adult family member shows symptoms of a UTI, consult your doctor to help prevent or treat secondary bedwetting. A infection typically occurs when bacteria gets into the urine and begins to grow and moves [...]
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Are you worried that bed wetting is a situation peculiar to your child only? Well, relax because there are 5 to 7 million other kids in the United States who wet their beds. Bed wetting is stressful, but also a very common and treatable childhood problem. Research shows that after age 5 about 15% of children continue to wet the bed, but by age 10, 95% of children are dry at night. Bed wetting has many causes ranging from genes to medical conditions and emotional stress. However, in most situations bed wetting is treatable with the right solution, parental support and [...]
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